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Eight Ray Talent Agency's Penthouse Glow a Pre-BET Awards Gifting Suite & Brunch

Eight Ray Talent Agency recently hosted the prestigious Penthouse Glow Pre-BET Awards Gifting Suite & Brunch at Sentral DTLA, bringing together celebrities, influencers, and industry leaders for a memorable celebration of style and sophistication.

Video Credit: @CRV_Productions

Photo Credit: @willlshoots

The event kicked off with True Religion showcasing their latest collection, featuring stylish hats, tote bags, purses, and sunglasses that added a touch of high fashion to the suite. Guests enjoyed pampering themselves with Pixi Beauty’s premium skincare and beauty products, ensuring everyone looked their best for the occasion.

Photo Credit: @willlshoots

A standout feature was the collaboration between Yack Shack Media and Grill Masters ATL, where guests had the opportunity to be fitted for custom mouth grills—a blend of luxury and personal expression that caught everyone’s attention.

Beauty and wellness took center stage with K&K Collections offering indulgent body oils and scrubs, and Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center providing rejuvenating skincare treatments. INMODE and Ardell showcased cutting-edge beauty technology and products, enhancing the event’s focus on personal care.

Royal Treatment Wellness provided rejuvenating massages, offering moments of relaxation amid the event’s lively atmosphere. The beverage offerings were equally impressive, with MOSS by Michael B. Jordan serving invigorating sea moss beverages and blk. Water adding a refreshing twist with their mineral water and drops. Uncle Arnies’ cannabis-infused beverages provided a unique and memorable addition to the lineup.

Who Has It? curated elegant custom gift boxes that elevated the luxury experience, while Los Chilakiles LA delighted palates with their authentic and flavorful culinary offerings, leaving a lasting impression on guests.

Photo Credit: @willlshoots

Art By Dom King and Typaway Poetry added cultural depth and emotional resonance to the gathering with their artistic expressions and heartfelt performances. DJ Shai curated an energetic playlist that set the mood throughout the day, complemented by T’s Buds Inc.’s exquisite floral arrangements that added a touch of natural elegance to the venue.

Sentral DTLA provided the perfect backdrop for this sophisticated affair, ensuring a seamless blend of elegance and upscale ambiance. We extend our sincere gratitude to the Eight Ray Talent Agency team for their meticulous planning and flawless execution, making this event a resounding success that will be remembered by all who attended.

Photo Credit: @willlshoots

The Penthouse Glow Pre-BET Awards Gifting Suite & Brunch wasn’t just an event—it was a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and community within the entertainment industry. As Eight Ray Talent Agency continues to set new standards of excellence, we look forward to bringing more excitement and innovation to future events.

For the latest updates and information on upcoming events, please visit . Let’s continue to shine together!

Check out all the photos from the event here: Penthouse Glow: Pre-BET Awards Gifting Suite & Brunch Photos

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