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Get your hands on the hottest gifts 2020 has to offer before they sell

Finally 2020 is coming to a close! If your drained from the year and need some gift ideas, I got you!!!

As we go into 2021, I want to acknowledge small businesses that have quality products.

This ULTIMATE 2020 GIFT GUIDE has everything you can think of please enjoy.

Majority of the brands included in this gift guide are black-owned small businesses, please take time to support these amazing brands and products!

Thank you,

Elton Qualls-Harris


Let Me Say It In My Customer Service Tone Hats

These hats were designed to bring to light code switching issues black people have to deal with on a daily basis. Designed by Elton Qualls-Harris, owner of Eight Ray Agency.


Founded by Odain Watson, Odaingerous has fast become the go to brand for the most exclusive, unique and custom outerwear amongst celebrities, socialites and fashion glitterati. Centered around creating your reality and living your truth Odaingerous offers next generation street wear apparel that’s bold, iconic, edgy and Odaingerously unapologetic. Additionally Odaingerous is a member of the SCMSDC supporting diversity and inclusion. Live Odaingerously!


Viimfit is a boutique lifestyle women’s fitness apparel line with products ranging from leggings to waist trainers.

Viimfit was started by Suekay Deniz to provide affordable fitness wear to people of all shapes & size.

SO Aesthetic

The Trinity Set was created to uncomplicate life, SO Aesthetic is a leader in Ghanian luxury makeup and beauty and a champion of ‘Black Girl Magic,’ SO Aesthetic features a wide range of products from primers, lipsticks, lip-glosses, eyeliners and eyebrow pencils, brushes to sponges and they are produced In Europe using ingredients ethically sourced and made with our health and the environment in mind to ensure the Quality of the products, right shades and competitive prices.

Urabne Luggage

Inspired to protect the natural world we love to travel, Urbane Luggage is committed to designing durable and eco-friendly hemp travel bags and accessories for Urbane Travelers.

Hemp is naturally antibacterial, resistant to mold, and ultraviolet light. The porous nature of the fabric allows hemp to “breathe,” so that it is cool in warm weather.

Planet CB by Coco + Breezy x Zenni

Twin DJs / producers and premium eyewear designers ​Coco and Breezy have partnered with DTC affordable eyewear leader ​Zenni to launch Planet CB by Coco + Breezy x Zenni, a capsule collection for conscious kids that will be exclusively available on ​Zenni’s website on ​August 24th​.

Planet CB by Coco + Breezy x Zenni is a place where kids can express themselves with positivity and style, and find glasses as unique as they are. Planet CB celebrates individuality, positivity, and self-expression, encouraging kids to break free from the norm — much like Coco and Breezy did in their childhood. The collection comes at a time where back-to-school plans are uncertain — whether they’re going back to school or back to screen, each style gives kids exactly what they need to excel in and out of the classroom.

Together with Coco and Breezy, Zenni is donating a portion of the proceeds from Planet CB purchases to the Child Mind Institute’s Healthy Brain Network to ensure that youth of Black communities have greater access to mental health services and resources. This initiative will contribute to a landmark study to understand mental health in children around the world.


A positive apparel line founded by Serenity Cadogan, a 13-year-old fashion designer. Serenity was a victim of bullying, but instead of letting it defeat her she decided to use her voice to uplift and inspire humanity. She creates inspirational sayings to motivate everyone and even utilizes a portion of her quarterly proceeds to impact her community.

Serentees collections include Spread Love, Glow Girl Glow, Kindness Speaks volumes, and Be the Change.

Wayne Anthony

Wayne Anthony is a clothing, accessories, monogram and gift brand that inspires one to never stop passionately living their dream. The products created are intended to keep your head and heart moving in the right direction.

Introducing the ‘Lady Boss’ throw pillow. The designs are a simple sweet reminder of everything that made us who we are today! 100% polyester fabric. Available in (2) sizes. Double sided print.

Our Mother’s Land brand

Our Mother’s Land brand is a clothing line aimed at reclaiming our Motherland, Africa.

We are a black-owned small business that is all about loving yourself, fashionably. No matter what color you are, be proud to have roots that stem from Our Mother’s Land.

My Black PPE

My Black PPE is a Black and veteran-owned supply company working to put face masks and protective wear in the hands of everyday people. We sell comfortable black organic cotton face masks and other personal protective equipment to help protect your family and your business.

The Designer Black face mask adopts high quality cotton, making it soft and comfortable to your face, breathable to wear with adjustable ear straps. You’ll love the way these feel on your face as we tested several styles before deciding on this one.

Reflections by Zana

Aneesha Smith created Reflections by Zana as the go-to brand for Black women in the workforce. Whether it be in healthcare or for leisure travel; Reflections by Zana has you covered for your wearable art. This love project was curated to give her own daughters a positive muse while also providing a necessity for Black professionals.

Her wearable art fixtures aid in distinguishing Black professionals from others. From work badges to travel accessories, the cultural expressions are unmatched. Not only can you wear your afro or locs but your professional badge can too.

Tiny Tots and Tikes

Tiny Tots and Tikes gives parents, teachers and other adults in the lives of black children a chance to teach kids about the beauty of blackness. TTT offers books, clothing, room décor and more, all reflecting positive and creative black images for black children to be proud of who they are.

Able Made

Able Made is an athleisure lifestyle brand that proceeds most of its funds to the Ucal McKenzie Breakaway Foundation. Able Made’s mask, sock, and bag collection is available this season for those who wish to give back to unsupported children and promote regenerative, luxury fashion. Able Made’s crossbodies and totes made from Apple and Pineapple skin are available in the timeless colors of black and red, they are lovingly named after the children for which the Breakaway Foundation supports.

Niyah Zuri Apparel

Niyah Zuri Apparel has men’s, women’s & kids apparel, featuring daily affirmations helping you build knowledge and confidence of SELF!

Malaika Apparel Co.

Malaika Apparel Co. (Collective) is a Black owned business created by Rita Bunatal. Malaika is an international apparel and lifestyle company that aims to bridge the gap between the Pan-African diaspora through various and dignified forms of representation primarily through fashion.

Rita was inspired to create Malaika Apparel due to the various misrepresentations of the narratives surrounding Black bodies in the media, as well as the misunderstanding of each other within the diaspora.

Inspiring 2 Live

Inspiring 2 Live is more than merchandising that includes a new perfume, Rennee’ but apparel and accessories that will provide motivational messages and daily reminders that will keep those who want to subscribe to positive influences on their hearts and minds to remain focused on hope and forward movement.

ChicDazz Boutique

Fashion brand ChicDazz Boutique is bringing the runway to your home with their new This Is Sexy Modest Collection. The highly anticipated launch is a line of haute couture, vogue fashion without the high fashion price tag. The capsule collection was inspired by the fierce, sexiness, and modest confidence that women possess. Every piece is meticulously crafted with the woman in mind to ensure she feels empowered.

Hey Lady💋

Hey Lady is a lifestyle brand curated for ALL women over forty who have a passion for fashion, a love of travel, and are interested in owning or growing their business!

The Bungee Brand Footwear & Apparel

The Bungee Brand footwear & apparel is a black-owned footwear & Apparel brand started by Darrell Alston. Bungee Brand specializes in high quality men and women lifestyle fashions taking inspiration from the Philadelphia Skyline to California sunsets.

Tote & Carry

Tote&Carry is one of the HOTTEST travel tote brands; Our bags deliver eye-catching colors, a delicate blend of fabrics, and a signature snakeskin pattern suitable for anyone with an eye for style. “You’ll always stand out when you wear our bags”. Hollywood A-listers like Snoop Dogg, Omarion, Blueface, TI are sporting the brands luxury tote bags/tactical vests.

Rooted Pots

Rooted Pots is the leading provider of Afrocentric planters for the plant lovers. The mission of Rooted Pots is to bring African American culture and representation to every household around the world through horticulture and 3D technology.

Yinka is the creator and owner of Rooted Pots, and award-winning 3D artist that has done work for Disney, Dreamworks, Hasbro, and many more.

In addition Rooted Pots are at the forefront of helping bring black representation to our relaxing living spaces.


The Conversation Party

The Conversation Party is a fun game for dinner parties, game night or any gathering of people older than high school age, The Conversation Party is meant to provide fun through conversation and debate. Using three card types. Q&A, Statement & Reaction, and Open Discussion, this game is sure to get the party started and the discussion flowing.

Additionally, there are three different decks that change the game up. The initial deck is “Love & Relationships,” which is followed up by “Love & Relationships: After Dark,” and last there’s “This Is Not A Game,” which is a black and conscious deck.

Rue Cler Games — #FakeFacts

Rue Cler Games, #FakeFacts, a fast-paced card game of historical and pop culture trivia, that tests its players’ knowledge and ability to fool others.

#FakeFacts is the perfect present for people who love weird, hard-to-believe trivia, fast-paced social games, or just fooling their friends. Players can expect to learn (and fabricate!) bizarre, surprising, and totally unpredictable trivia — and the game’s structure makes it easy to play over video conferences.


Angela Williams — HUSH ( Help Ur Soul Heal) Journal

Angela Williams is a transformation coach and Amazon bestselling author whose mission is to help others move from fear to faith and realize their dreams. Her current journal, HUSH (Help Ur Soul Heal), is geared towards helping readers find the courage to work through emotions and fears, change your perspective, and push through towards your desired outcome in life. This powerful journal takes readers on a journey to achieve a shift in mindset and mental health. It includes journal prompts in each section to support the writing process. It will also give readers space to really examine their perspective on any given challenging situation. The journal includes mental cleansing, mental detox forgiveness letter, meditation scriptures for eating habits, a 52-week mental meal prep, HUSH affirmations, and more.

The Fundamentals of Marriage

The Fundamentals of Marriage is an honest, interactive eight-chapter workbook that unravels the hidden purpose of marriage, marital roles and how to powerfully navigate as a unit. Howard and Danielle have learned first-hand that marriage becomes more enjoyable when the true purpose of it is well understood. The power couple spent the initial years of their romance building the key fundamentals that more than 97% of marrieds miss the mark on.

From the rare lens of a husband and wife duo collectively sharing their behind-closed-doors marriage experiences and hiccups, the Taylors candidly lay out chapters that explore communication barriers from their polar opposite upbringings, forgiveness as a preventative mechanism and power finance moves that both flopped and flourished.

Nicole Russell’s “ Everything a Band-Aid Can’t Fix- Write Here & Tear a therapeutic journal.

Write Here & Tear is a bonus healing tool to her 2018 self-help book, Everything a Band-aid Can’t Fix, which features advice to youth from Brandy, A$AP Ferg, Ro James, former NFL Player Ryan Grant and more.

The hard cover and perforated pages of Write Here & Tear are specially designed for tearing while preserving the journal, so users still get what they need from it.

“Edge Control for the Soul”

“Edge Control for the Soul” is a powerful book where she pens poems specifically setting women up for growth, grace and slayage one page at a time. Set in the terms of your favorite natural hair verbiage, her collection is motivating women to continue to push past their struggles to achieve their greatness. This poetic voyage steers women through obstacles in relation to the natural hair journeys of shrinkage, breakage, protective styles and new growth; just to name a few. Similar to a hair journey this voyage will be a bumpy ride but worth the struggle.

Hey Carter Books — “Brown Boy Joy”

Hey Carter! Inc is increasing diversity in children’s books, apparel, and entertainment. Children of color deserve to see a positive image of themselves in as many media sources as possible. Stories help unlock a child’s imagination and diverse stories set their dreams free. Imagine only seeing the world through the eyes of people who look nothing like you? Repetition is key in developing a child’s self confidence. Children need to hear affirmations frequently to thrive.

Dorothy Enriquez-The Plug

It’s the ultimate leadership bundle packed with information to help readers become and remain the leader they always wanted to be. The Plug holiday package includes :

  • The eBook + The Hard Copy & Journal + The Audio Companion

Outcomes are:

  • Increase your understanding of leadership attributes and characteristics; then properly apply each one on the front lines of your organization!

  • Achieve your goals with greater insight into specific leadership elements with increased confidence, self-efficacy & competence.

Pharaoh’s Throne

Order your autographed copy of “Niyah Zuri and The Pharaoh’s Throne” this Holiday Season! Includes 1/personalized copy of the bestselling children’s book that focuses on representation, girl-empowerment, and World history through adventure!

The Power of Thirty

Unlike most self-help books, The Power of Thirty takes readers on a journey of self-discovery.

The Power of Thirty walks readers through 30 days of motivation, motion, and meditation to transform their mind, body, and soul.

A Tale of Two Titties by Chef Crystal Blanchette

Crystal was inspired to document all of her hilarious breastfeeding journeys with her two children. Her graphic novel and self-help book is refreshing in the way she offers mommies encouragement through humor and raw honesty. The non-judgmental book is not only informative but an easy quick read! Crystal wrote with the desire to express that embracing your body during and after pregnancy is a beautiful thing because being a mother is truly a remarkable experience.

Sidelined: The Contract

Bryn Charles is planning her biggest event yet after signing a love contract with her boyfriend, NFL superstar Shane Smith. Their fiery love affair only intensifies as Shane finally gives her what she wants — his heart. But when Shane’s ex throws a Hail Mary pass it threatens their happily ever after. Find out who makes it to the altar at the end of this explosive romance series about love, friendship, and half-truths.

Explosive, honest, and flat-out unforgettable, “Sidelined: The Contract” is the third and final installment of the Sidelined Series about love, friendship, and half-truths.

Indie Music Major Business: A Guide To Your First Royalty Check

MUG$ Amillion is an veteran Indie artist who composed a this book to educate independent artists and music professionals of the steps in the music business that generate revenue from their art. These steps are the same due diligence that every major recording artist handles to receive their royalty checks; unfortunately, Indie artists often fail to put this steps into practice and lose out on potential quarterly residuals. Readers will appreciate the straight to the point guide and actual P.R.O. tools once used by MUG$ Amillion.



Our products are created from safe, effective, natural ingredients and botanicals that are responsibly sourced and ethically produced. With your overall wellness in mind, these hand-selected ingredients and botanical blends are created to revitalize, replenish and rejuvenate.

Cultivated by Urbanity

Our mission at Cultivated by Urbanity is to use and provide Women of Color with a natural base choice using essential oils to develop beauty items that offer a safe skin shield while maximizing natural beauty, while continue to keep monthly dialogue with experts in the beauty industry, and provide young women of color with an all-natural appearance with beauty products and conversation.

Special Coupon Code for Medium Readers: 30% off Total Purchase Use Coupon Code: MEDIUM

J’Luxe Scents

J’Luxe Scents is the perfect for the girl boss, travel enthusiast, candle lover and the gift giver. Each of the candles come with a custom music playlist to capture the mood of the scent. Much like music, fragrances can take you places, give you feelings while uplifting your spirit so we created the ultimate experience.

Raw Beauty Cosmetics

Raw Beauty Cosmetics has become one of the hottest skincare brands to hit the markets! Draws out impurities and clears up existing acne.

Minty + Relieph Skincare

The newly launched skincare line is naturally derived, fragrance-free, and gentle for all skin types. Using Apple Cider Vinegar as a main ingredient to help soothe dry, flakey, irritated skin from eczema or climate change.

The online store offers two products including. Hand & Body Balm and Soothing Scalp & Body Serum.

Scent & Fire Candle Company

Scent & Fire Candle Company produces all-natural candles, wax melts, loose leaf teas, and organic room sprays using raw and recycled materials for environmental sustainability. With the rise of mental health issues, our products are designed to destress environments and promote self-care for mental wellness. We utilize technology to enhance the aromatic experience by using curated music playlists on Apple Music.

The Le Rêve ~ The Dream Box

The Le Rêve ~ The Dream Box is a thoughtfully curated box of intentionally crafted provisions used to revive your being and elevate your rituals of self love, joy, blessings and prosperity.

What’s in the box?

≜ La Paix Candle

≜ Rose water

≜ The Balm, Healing Balm

≜ Sacred Body + Bath Oil — 4 oz

≜ Head Goddess Smudge Wand

≜ Bouquet de Palo Santo

≜ Intuitively Selected Crystal or Stone

≜ Offering Shell

≜ Complete instructions to assist you with getting the most out of your ritual workings

Mielle Holiday Curl Kit

The Mielle Holiday Curl Kit features the Black-owned beauty brand’s Moisture Rx Hawaiian Ginger Moisturizing Overnight Conditioner and the Rosemary and Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil.

Natalia Me-gan Hair & Beauty

Natalia Me-gan Beauty is a female minority owned indie brand offering a wide variety of cruelty-free hydrating luxury matte lipsticks, lip glosses, and 3D mink faux voluminous lashes.

Alchemy Elevated

Alchemy Elevated offers carefully selected herbal blends, topicals, energy work, and esoteric essentials to any soul in need, Like this “Elevated Simples Peppermint Tea” blended with hemp flower, organic peppermint leaves with 15.05 percent cannabinoids.

Please be advised some products are hemp-derived blends.

Wholepreneur Lifestyle

Wholepreneur Lifestyle offers an array of products from brain support supplements, meal replacements, protein powder, elderberry syrup, cbd oil, and so much more. Customers also have the opportunity to purchase bundle deals, just in time for the holidays. These products are tailored to the care and health of each businesspreneur giving them an opportunity to still put in the work and live an optimal life.

Phyre Hair

With growing knowledge, and demand for natural hair, Tina Fobbs has created the all-natural hair care line “phyre.” Providing consumers with a hair care product that specifically focuses on all-natural hair growth and therapy with the best results.

Oasis Soul

Oasis Soul is a Black-owned body and home goods company whose products are inspired by feel-good music (cue “Sweet Taboo” and “Lovely Day”). Its offerings include an array of luxurious candles, body scrubs, body oils, room/linen sprays, and shower aromatherapy steamers.

Gaud Di Essentials

Gaud Di Experience was created by our founder Queen to showcase her exclusive ideas in forms of art through beauty, health and fashion! It’s Queen’s vision to enhance self awareness and the light that is in us all through beauty, health and fashion!

Bundles Luxury Hair Co.

Bundles Luxury Hair Co., is the Black owned, natural and plant based product line, founded by licensed Cosmetologist, Shauntele Harvey.

The full product line aids to assist with treating ailments such as traction alopecia, hair thinning and hair loss as a result of improper hair care under your weave.

The brand is also committed to educating customers on the benefits of keeping their natural mane healthy while making a statement with their luxurious hair or weaves.

Woo Me Beauty

Woo Me Beauty makes game-changing all-natural serum that can help heal, strengthen, and grow nails (plus, reduce nail-biting!) in just two weeks.

We surveyed over 100 people from all over the country and the number #1 answer for their ideal nail product was “non-toxic products”. This holiday season we created a Limited-Edition Holiday Gift Box. The perfect gift for the nail slayer in your life. Each box includes our nail serum, nail pen, glass nail file, nail polish remover pen, orange wooden cuticle pusher, and black-owned nail polish.

Smile Natural Products

All of Smile Natural Products have been thoughtfully designed with non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients to provide a healthier and friendlier hygiene solution by a group of entrepreneurs from Southern California with a passion for health and wellness.

Smile Natural Products customers can use the code DEMI for 15% off. It does not apply to subscriptions (they are already discounted 15%), nor with another discount code (i.e. when they run a flash $5 off, etc) for a double discount

Gina’s Love

Gina’s Love is truly a labor of love that started in the kitchen for Regina Conyers. She left her corporate job once finding out some detrimental health news to follow her passion, and it has paid off with her amazing organic soaps and body care line. She uses only natural, vegan ingredients and makes everything by hand! The Snob Box is the perfect customizable gift!

A Mother’s Skin Lab

A Mother’s Skin Lab is a black owned all natural skin care line offering whipped Shea Butters , Sugars Scrubs, Soaps , Bath Salts , Bath Bombs, Sea Moss Gel , Sea Moss Gummy Bears etc. each item is handmade with love with no preservatives, artificial flavors /scents , and no dyes .


Satrell, named after founder Nichole Wright’s sons, is a beauty brand that has exclusive products, such as lip glosses and nail polishes, that inspire creativity and expression. The collection is cruelty-free, has vegan-friendly products, free from harsh chemicals, and compliments all skin tones.

Amour Your Body

An all-natural full line of pampering products that range from fragrance oils, body powder made from arrowroot, all-natural CBD sensual spray, CBD oil, products for pets, and much more is changing the beauty game. With beauty products packed with toxins, it makes it hard to fight off any free radicals or the other ingredients that the average consumer cannot produce. But with all-natural pampering products from Amour Women, LLC, women never have to worry about what their skin is absorbing.


Cocktails by Cryssy

Cocktails by Cryssy offers Cocktails to Go shipped to your home. What Started as a one woman bartending service in Maryland proudly now staff’s over 100 of the industry’s top hospitality professionals serving Washington DC, Maryland, Georgia and Virginia.Cocktails by Cryssy aims to create lifetime relationships and memories with their clients.


Hollywood Pooch

Hollywood Pooch is a black-owned Lifestyle brand that caters to the biggest pooch lovers in Hollywood. Keep your dog looking stylish in exclusive customized hoodies from Hollywood Pooch.

Lick You Silly Pet Products

NO artificial flavors or colors, preservatives, dyes, byproducts, grains, gluten, chemicals, hormones, synthetics, or antibiotics. That’s just a really long way of letting you know that our treats are safe for any dog, even the ones with the most sensitive stomachs. Your devotion to your dog is why we do what we do, and we want to say thanks.

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