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TEDx Inglewood 2024: A Cultural Celebration Unveiled

Step into the heart of creativity and innovation as TEDx Inglewood, led by Rashunda Rene, takes center stage in 2024. This year's event promises an unforgettable experience, challenging norms, and sparking a cultural revolution.

Mission Beyond Boundaries: Ideas Shaping the Future

TEDx Inglewood goes beyond being an event—it's a movement celebrating impactful ideas, fostering intellectual growth, and instigating positive change in Inglewood and beyond. It's a catalyst for transformative ideas that aim to shape our collective future.

The Four Pillars: Inspire, Educate, Connect, Empower

TEDx Inglewood stands on pillars that redefine the event experience. Be inspired by compelling stories, cutting-edge research, and mind-bending innovations. Education takes on new dimensions, expanding understanding and evolving perspectives. Connection forms a community thriving on meaningful conversations, collaboration, and lasting relationships. Empowerment is not just a concept; it's the driving force, providing you with the tools and inspiration to make a real impact.

2024 Theme: EXPLORE - Dare to Go Beyond

The theme for 2024 is EXPLORE—Dare to Go Beyond. It's an invitation to venture into the unknown, question assumptions, and discover the extraordinary within the ordinary. Get ready to push your limits and embrace the transformative power of ideas.

Featured Insight: Davonte Green's Talk on Redefining Masculinity

As a sneak peek into the event, Davonte Green's recent talk, "How to Be a Real Man," challenges traditional notions of masculinity with emotional intelligence, self-control, and empathy. Watch the talk here.

Be a Part of the Revolution - Speaker Applications Now Open!

TEDx Inglewood invites active participation. The stage is open for speaker applications until January 14, 2024. Apply here and become a driving force in this cultural celebration.

The TEDx Inglewood team, invites you to join this cultural celebration where ideas take center stage, and change isn't just on the horizon—it's happening right now!

Connect with TEDx Inglewood - Your Passport to the Extravaganza!

Follow @TEDxInglewoodca on Instagram for exclusive updates, behind-the-scenes content, and sneak peeks. For more details, visit the official TEDx Inglewood website:

For media opportunities contact:

Elton Qualls-Harris

Sr. Director of Publicity and Marketing

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