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DRE THE ROSE Releases Intimate & Powerful R&B Single ‘Believe’

DRE THE ROSE is set to take 2020 by storm with his music. “Believe” is the newest R&B single by DRE THE ROSE. “Believe” grabs attention immediately with a distinctive analog progression, anchoring the track while creating a mysterious aura around it. Adding to the entrancement is DRE THE ROSE’s vocals, whose recurring soothing tones add an edge to the finished product. His lyricism will capture listeners instantly, as many will be able to relate to the message. “Believe” highlights that others should not tear people down, and rather use that hate to motivate them and shine like the flames that they are. The intimate and powerful vocal delivery by DRE THE ROSE will keep people wanting more from this promising talent. Make sure to check out “Believe” and add it to your every-day rotation as this is just the beginning for the Los Angeles-based artist.


The visual for DRE THE ROSE’s song “Believe” is nothing short of amazing! Directed by Samuel Cain the visual includes captivating landscapes, beautiful architecture and black panthers. DRE THE ROSE’s lyrics speak through his visual encouraging you to stay motivated.

The Visual to DRE THE ROSE’s single “Believe” premiered worldwide on his YouTube channel Friday September 11, 2020

“I’m a dope singer-songwriter! I believe I’m the life of the party I wake up in the morning and I’m on 10, if I see the sun or not I’m still waking up in the best positive mood most of the time, I try to give that energy to everybody that’s around me, I’m really goofy I love watching anime with my son. I’m a ladies man most of my friends are females I have a lot of guy friends but most of my friends are females you can call me a feminist, I love the LGBT community, for me it such a fun vibe when people live life as they please and not to please others, I’m a single parent and a hustler. Coming from poverty I’ve built my own unique way of making things happen no matter what, I was born in raised in the Bay Area currently living in LA.” - DRE THE ROSE

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